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Pre-Kinder Care ~ Sheep & Turtles (Ages 3-4)


This program offers enjoyable and developmentally appropriate experiences in art, music, Bible stories,and books, readingreadiness, math and science. These are just some of the exciting activities planned to help children to develop socially and foster creativity while developing a love of learning in a safe and nurturing environment. top

Kindergarten ~ Bears (Age 5)

Our goal is to incorporate developmentally appropriate activities in art, music, reading readiness, math concepts, social interaction, Bible stories, science, fine motor and gross motor activities.  The program is designed to prepare the child for first grade academically, socially and emotionally.  Low student-to-teacher ratio allows each child to develop and learn at his/her own pace and to explore his/her own interest through fun and play. top

Kindergarten Enrichment Program  

We are very excited about our Kindergarten Enrichment Program.  The focus of this program will be to extend concepts and skills introduced in the half day Kindergarten program.  It is offered as a five-day program, however parents

may add two, three or five days to the traditional half-day program.  This Enrichment Program will run from 12:15 PM until 3:00 PM.    The Goal of the Kindergarten Enrichment Program:            

  • Extend creative learning through multiple methods thereby appealing to various learning styles. 

  • Develop a greater interest in Science Discovery and Computer Technology. 

  • Give students a more individualized learning opportunity for more challenges or extra assistance. top         

Extended Daycare (Ages 3-5)

We provide flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedules.  Students may arrive at the center's opening and remain until its closing.  We are dedicated to providing the best possible environment while your children are in our care.  top

School-Age Care (Ages 6-12)

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 Our after-school enrichment allows our school-aged children to be in a supervised, safe and stimulating environment where they can be actively involved in sports, games, arts and crafts, limited computer usage and homework assistance. This program also leaves room for socialization, which is an integral part of development at this stage.  This program may be available when public schools are closed for holidays, inclement weather and school vacations.

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